Hi, I’m Emma, self confessed foodie and health ‘addict’! 360HealthandFitness is an outlet to share my passion for health with readers, inspire you to get into the kitchen, cook quick and easy meals from scratch and try everything the wellness scene has to offer in Hong Kong and London.

I’ll be exploring juice bars, gyms, treatment rooms, restaurants and trying out alternative therapies. I’m on a mission to try the best (and sometimes weird!) path to health and wellness.

I have been working in the health and fitness industry for 18 years. I am a certified health coach and in the past have worked in a health food shop, as a personal trainer,  sports massage therapist, raw food chef and ran a successful juice cleanse company before moving to Hong Kong in 2013. Whilst in Hong Kong I set up an online shop selling all things health and wellness and ran healthy cookery classes. Moving back to London in 2018 I took some time off and and am now studying with CNM to become a naturopathic nutritionist. I am now working as a massage therapist and learning everything I can about biohacking – see blog post 😉

I love to cook and read about food and nutrition and spend far too much time online! I believe that healthy food HAS to taste good (apart from wheatgrass shots maybe). ? Otherwise what’s the point?

I am available for coaching sessions. Have a look at work with me to see a full list of the services I offer.

So, if you love food, fitness and trying new things then you’ll feel right at home here.

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