Why You Should Soak Your Nuts in Bleach

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I’ve been making my own almond milk for as long as I can remember. I probably started because I realised it was much cheaper to make myself! Back then I didn’t really think there was much difference between the stuff I made at home and the shop bought ones. I’d always presumed that the almond milk in the cartons was the same as the one I made at home but with emulsifiers added to stop it from separating. Fast forward … Read More

Float On Hong Kong …

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My first experience with flotation was about 15 years ago when I discovered Floatworks in London. My friend who had been the week before told me the experience of floating was “like meditating in a cocoon”. My first float definitely did NOT go as she described it! I stupidly decided to wipe my face with my wet hands just after getting in and spent the next hour scratching my face from the salt water. Hardly the zen like state I … Read More

IV Vitamin Therapy

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Feeling jet lagged and exhausted after 2 weeks looking after 4 kids (with no helper – travesty!), a 12 hour flight and a teething baby with a virus (such fun) I was feeling run down and in need of a pick me up….fast. We all know there are no short cuts to health but if there were to be one ‘quick fix’ then IV vitamin shots would be it. Intravenous vitamin infusions are said to help with fatigue, boost your … Read More