The Chia Co Chia Shots


Convenient single serve sachets to take with you anywhere.



Chia seeds contains all 8 amino acids making it a complete protein. It is also the highest combined plant source of omega-3, fibre and protein.

One tablespoon of chia will provide you with 3g of omega-3 ALA and 6g of dietary fibre, along with a range of other important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Black and white chia seeds are nutritionally identical, the only difference being the seed coat colour.

Sprinkle onto your muesli or cereals, into your salads or smoothies, add to your baking or even add to drinks.

The Chia Co chia is farmed sustainably in the perfect environment in The Kimberleys of Western Australia being within 15 degrees of the equator. This latitude provides the ideal day length for chia to develop the highest levels of omega-3 oils. The crops are irrigated to ensure the perfect amount of water, and the chia ripens naturally in the sun.

The Chia Co operate a fair value model, with profits returned to our famers so they can reinvest. They also manage their own fully-transparent supply chain. This approach creates sustainability for the chia industry, and ensures a consistent supply year on year.


  • Black and white chia seeds


  • 10 x 8g sachets

Emma says:

“I like to add chia to bottles of water of juices. They look like tiny little tadpoles swimming¬†in your drink!”


The Chia Co


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