Cookery Classes

In a cooking rut? Want to expand your repertoire? Need inspiration to get excited about cooking again? Together we will go through your likes, dislikes, lifestyle and goals and create a menu tailored for you. Get hands on experience with top quality ingredients and learn that cooking from scratch does not have to be time consuming or complicated.

I also run regular helpers cookery classes in Hong Kong. Some recent classes have included Superfood Salads, Breakfasts, Paleo, Vegetarian Dinners, Side Dishes and the extremely popular Spiraliser class. Check out upcoming classes on the Facebook Page.

Get Back On Track

Create a customised detox meal plan and lifestyle assessment that takes into account any health concerns and goals. Whether your goal is to lose the baby weight, get in shape for your wedding or to feel more focussed and energetic we will work together to create a package for you that will get you on your way to healthier habits. I will also offer advice on treatments you can book alongside the programme such as colonic hydrotherapy, infrared saunas and massage.

Supermarket Sweep

Take me shopping with you! I will help you navigate your way through the supermarket, stocking your cupboards, reading (or should I say deciphering?!) the labels, suggesting healthier alternatives and understanding how to get the most nutrition for your buck.

Pantry Raid

Let’s clean out your cupboards and get rid of all the junk. I can advise you on the staples to stock up on so you can whip up a nutritious meal in no time.

Contact me today for more information. Skype sessions also available.